Gekkobrain DevOps for SAP

Unite your operations and SAP development functions to enable continuous improvement in the release cycle

Key Features

DevOps for SAP Development

  • Fact-based incremental improvements
  • Simultaneous static and dynamic checks
  • Correlation and analysis of SAP standard tools and data sources – both static and dynamic
  • User-friendly development dashboard

Granular performance monitoring

  • Root cause establishment
  • No averages – focus on individual users
  • Early detection
  • Prediction of potential problems
  • Runtime prediction of code from development phase
  • Static Checks + Dynamic Checks = Predictive Code Checks

Road to HANA – Custom Code Challenge

Your custom code does not have to be the obstacle in your journey to SAP HANA

Gekkobrain for SAP HANA-readiness

Analyze and fix your ABAP custom code, so it is HANA-ready

Key Features


  • How much code needs fixing
  • Filters away unused code
  • Filters for impact
  • Tells you how much effort before you can migrate

Automatic Code Fixing

  • Mandatory issues
  • Most performance issues
  • At the click of a button

Project Management

  • For remaining manual work
  • Assign tasks and issues developers
  • Create sprints
  • Follow up

Gekkobrain – Real performance metrics at a customer site

Gekkobrain helps a customer reduce manual remediation effort from 1200 days to just 50 days

Gekkobrain Code Optimizer

Analyze and fix your ABAP custom code for any SAP release for better performance

Key Features

  • Identifies and analyzes all issues of HANA-incompatible code
  • Automatically fixes up to 90% of mandatory code issues
  • Identifies non-mandatory code issues that impede system performance
  • Recognizes incompatible code that is no longer used and can be deleted
  • Built-in Project management tools to help assign tasks and track progress non-mandatory code issues
  • Highly intuitive with a user-friendly UI
  • Notifies you of newly added HANA-incompatible code
  • Provides detailed effort estimations


HANA-readiness Assessment

HANA readiness assessment is a one-time assessment of your SAP Custom Code for HANA and S/4HANA migration. The assessment report is provided in a week’s time detailing number of changes required in your custom code by priority and the manual effort required to fix them. The report also shows how many of the total issues can be fixed by Gekkobrain automated fix. This service does not provide the license to use the Gekkobrain cloud software for subsequent analysis and fixing issues.

Full License without DevOps

The full license gives you access to the Gekkobrain Cloud application and Gekkobrain Codefixer. You can use the cloud application to analyze, monitor, and track your HANA readiness remediation effort (manual fix). The Gekkobrain Codefixer will fix a large number of your custom code issues automatically. You can continue to use the application even after you have migrated to HANA for subsequence ABAP code optimization for performance improvement as well as making sure that any new code you write is HANA compliant.

Full License with DevOps

In addition to what you get with Full license, the DevOps license gives you access to the DevOps functionality for your ABAP code. DevOps give your team actionable insight and helps them continuously improve the code by ensuring early detection of issues and predictions of potential problems.


HANA-readiness Assessment

We offer a one-week consulting/advisory service for HANA readiness assessment of your custom ABAP code. The service includes set-up of Gekkobrain Cloud, installations of the extractors. The advisory service also includes explanation of the assessment report generated by Gekkobrain and formulation of next steps in the Code Adaptation process.

Custom Code Remediation & Migration

We shall manage complete end to end HANA adaptation and migration project using Gekkobrain Cloud, and Gekkobrain Codefixer. We shall make the automated and manual changes to fix the HANA readiness issues. We shall also test and ensure that the migrated custom code to works as expected.

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